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Универсальная смазка EFELE UNI-M

Универсальная смазка EFELE UNI-M

Универсальная смазка EFELE UNI-M Spray представляет собой дисперсию твердых смазок в минеральном масле и является многофункциональным и универсальным средством, решая весь комплекс задач, которые ставятся перед универсальными средствами с высокой проникающей способностью.

Cat TDTO Transmission Drive Train Oil SAE 10W - PEHP7506

Cat TDTO Transmission/Drive Train Oil for Cat transmissions, final drives and wet brake compartments SAE 10W  

  • Preferred lubricant for Cat power shift transmissions, and most final drives and wet brake compartments
  • Cat machine compartments where TO-4 and TO-4M specification oils are recommended
  • Other manufacturers' machines that recommend TO-4 or TO-4M or specification oils for their transmissions, final drives and wet brake compartments (See "Typical Characteristics" on page 2 for more information)Discover the Difference

Cat TDTO is developed, tested and approved by Caterpillar to meet the same high standards as Genuine Cat Parts.Factory-Fill—Used as standard factory-fill for Cat machine compartments where TO-4 oils are specified.Longer Clutch Life—Prolongs clutch disc life up to 45%.Optimum Wear Life—Ensures long life and excellent performance for gears, bearings and friction disc material.System-Matched Formula—Engineered as an integral part of Cat power shift transmissions, most wet brake compartments, and Hydrostatic Systems.Caterpillar.The difference counts.™

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The Cat Dealer network of highly trained experts keeps your entire fleet up and running to maximize your equipment investment.
Typical Characteristics*

SAE Viscosity Grade




Caterpillar Test Allison Test

TO-4 C-4

TO-4 C-4

TO-4 C-4

ISO Viscosity Grade




Gravity, API (ASTM D287)




Flash Point, °C (°F) (ASTM D92)

202 (395)

224 (435)

240 (464)

Pour Point, °C (°F) (ASTM D97)

-33 (-27) min.

-18(0) min.

-15 (5) min.

Viscosity cP @ -25°C (ASTM D5293) cSt @ 40°C (ASTM D445) cSt @ 100°C (ASTM D445)

6840 42.0 6.1

100 11.2

195 18.0

Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)




Calcium, % wt.




Zinc, % wt. (ASTM D4951)




Phosphorus, % wt. (ASTM D4951)




Sulfated Ash, % wt. (ASTM D4951)




TBN (ASTM D2896)




*The values shown are typical values and should not be used as quality control parameters to either accept or reject product. Specifications are subject to change without notice.Tested Beyond Industry Standards

Cat TDTO Transmission Drive Train Oil The TO-4 specification defines a minimum standard of performance for transmissions and drive train oils, but Cat TDTO is required to pass five additional Caterpillar tests. It is only through these tests and thousands of hours of field experience that Caterpillar is confident in saying Cat TDTO will deliver long life and excellent performance when used in Cat transmissions and final drives.Other Recommended Oils


Provides multi-season capability and eliminates the need to change transmission oil in the summer (SAE 30) and in the winter (SAE 10W).Cat FDAO™ SAE 60

FDAO 60 is the primary recommendation for Off-Highway Truckfinal drives, front wheels and differentials. FDAO should not be used in compartments that contain friction materials (transmissions, hydraulic systems, or wet brakes). See us for specific model recommendations.

S•O•S SM Services for early problem detection

Protect your investment with Cat S•O•S oil analysis, the ultimate detection and diagnostic tool for your equipment. S•O•S helps you detect potential problems before they can lead to major failures and costly unscheduled downtime.

Cat Filters: Complete protection for your machine

Combine Cat Fluids with Cat Filters for the highest level of contamination control and protection foryour machine. We recommend Cat Filters for all Cat machine applications.Health and Safety

Under normal conditions of intended use, this product does not pose a risk to health. Excessive exposure may result in eye, skin or respiratory irritation. Always observe good hygiene measures. Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before using this product.